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Joey Waves is a fine art photographer who makes his home in Naples, Florida. The visual drama and artistry of

Joey’s photographs are born of a keen eye for the many moods of the south and southwest Florida lifestyle and a lifelong passion for the beauty of nature in it’s most raw form. This passion shines throughout Joey’s work and has attracted a worldwide audience. Joey’s style is remarkable. His ability to capture light as it dances across the horizon and is reflected into the mirrored pools below, has him sought after by art dealers and collectors alike. His images are epic, majestic and bold. His success is derived from a sheer devotion to his craft and an unbridled love of his environment. 


About the Artist:
Joey began his career in art by becoming a noted spray­can graffiti artist in Miami, FL as a teenager.

He later taught himself how to create digital art and worked for more than a decade for Southern Wine & Spirits; the nation’s leading wine and spirits distributor with operations in 35 markets, creating a great deal of the marketing

collateral seen on the major brands of the wine and spirits industry. He is responsible for thousands of flyers, menus and signage for notable brands as, Tito’s, SKYY, Patron, Absolut, Malibu and Punzone Vodka. If you live in the South or Southwest Florida regions, it's very likely that you've ordered your dinner from a menu he's created or sipped a cocktail for which he’s created the ad campaign visuals for. His eye for dynamic design style is unparallelled and his keen sense of marketing vision has retained him a solid position within the industry for decades to come.
Joey put down his spray cans years ago and picked up a camera in it’s place. He uses this medium to express his passion for the natural beauty of the landscapes of his native Florida. 

Media contact: Erin Milchman e (954) 232.0772


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